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An announcement from your new friends at Eagles Canyon

Attention: Facebook Friends, Members, Motorsports enthusiast, and all those who seek to live faster.

First – thank you for believing in Eagles Canyon through the years. It is far from perfect, but it is special.

We are writing to let you know that Eagles Canyon has just changed hands. It will now be owned and operated by Autodrome llc. We are a few amateur race car drivers who believe ECR should persist and be a unique place for motorsport enthusiasts, friends and family to live a little faster and have fun.

We were drawn in by the view from the top of the hill, the European flair, the threshold breaking, and the cows staring at you – unimpressed by the all the drama.

We are committed to making sure ECR is always Welcoming, Safe, Clean… and Fun. We hope you will work with us to keep it that way. While we roll up our sleeves and explore more significant options for the future, we will continue to operate the current track and make incremental improvements.

As of end June, we will be changing and simplifying the current membership.

There will be only one membership:  $200/mo + tax, unlimited individual use.

We asking you to commit, or re-commit, and come out as often as you like. If your membership is current, we will treat initiation dues as an investment and apply them towards any future member scenarios for the track.

We want you to bring guests, and have us help you make them at home.

The truth is we really need your help. In fact, we need your friends to help too. We need the support of the entire motorsport community! Membership is a strong vote for ECRs potential and the future. So… please sign up, and get your friends to sing up.

Hope we can count on you, and hope to see you soon – mostly in the rear view mirror.

Thank you!

Your Friends at Eagles Canyon

P.S. If you sign up for the open track day on Saturday 17th, the new Autodrome crew will be there for a meet and greet.

P.P.S Contact us at FLATOUT@eaglescanyon.com with questions or comments.


About Eagles Canyon

Eagles Canyon Raceway is one of the premiere road racing and club track facilities in Texas. The track’s versatility and unique layout has made it popular among club racers, track day clubs, motorcycle racers, car manufactures, publishers and media outlets. The track is located in Decatur, TX approximately an hour northwest of Dallas, TX making it easily accessible from anywhere in the North Texas area. The track itself offers 2.5 miles and 11 turns of flat-out fun. The facilities at Eagles Canyon Raceway help complete the package and help the track stand out when compared to other road race tracks. Pinnacle Autosports located on site offers a  full service racing prep and support facility. Eagles Canyon offers self-service pumps with premium and race fuels, a large club house with observation deck, a grill with available catering, RV hookups, and day paddocks to help fulfill the needs of all customers utilizing the facility. Feel free to browse the site for more detailed information or please call 817-992-9774. There is a $5 gate fee for anyone 12 and older.


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