Over the last nine years, we at ECR have patiently waited, repaired, and worked hard to improve the track surface and water drainage. Even though the surface is not as smooth as many would desire, we now feel that the track has settled sufficiently to warrant resurfacing. Therefore we can now implement a plan for the complete resurfacing of the track, without fear of any further movement from the ground beneath. This has been validated by outside professional services, who have taken soil samples of the track and surrounding areas, in order to understand what action should be taken to bring about the best results for a smooth surface finish.  More…



Welcome to Eagles Canyon Raceway

Eagles Canyon Raceway is one of the premiere road racing and club track buy Meridia online facilities in Texas. The track’s versatility and unique layout has made it popular among club racers, track day clubs, motorcycle racers, car manufactures, publishers and media outlets. The track is located in Decatur, TX approximately an hour northwest of Dallas, TX making it easily accessible from anywhere in the North Texas area. The track itself offers 2.5 miles and 11 turns of flat-out fun. The facilities at Eagles Canyon Raceway help complete the package and help the track stand out when compared to other road race tracks. Pinnacle Autosports located on site offers a  full service racing prep and support facility. Eagles Canyon offers self-service pumps with premium and race fuels, a large club house with observation deck, a grill with available catering, RV hookups, and day paddocks to help fulfill the needs of all customers utilizing the facility. Feel free to browse the site for more detailed information or please call 817-992-9774. There is a $5 gate fee for anyone 12 and older.


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