Performance Driving Days


Introduction to Performance Driving

  • Learn to drive your car at the limit on a world-class, FIA spec, Race Track.
  • Five Action-packed Sessions on Track and classroom reviews.
  • Lead Follow, Braking, and Car Control Drills.
  • You’ll discover what you and your car are capable of.
  • Levels:
    • Level 1 (Green) Initiation to driving on a track, Learning how to brake, corner, and maintain a track car on track
    • Level 2 (Blue) Next level Track driving. Track Cornering improvement, Proper track braking with Threshold braking, trail braking, Track safety for events
  • Warning: Driving at the limit is highly addictive.

In your car:  $ 300
In an ECR Rental BMW M2 Comp: $ 1,750
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 Advanced Performance Driving Day –

Take your Driving Technique on track to the next level. Get two days on track to hone your skills. Day one is with our pro-coaches developing your skill. Day 2 is on the track with our members practicing your new skills to get faster and more confident.

  • Orange Level 1 –
    • Solo Approved Drivers looking to grow and get better skills to get fast. Threshold Braking / Car Control / Passing / Video Review / Data Review.
  • Yellow Level 2 –
    • Faster Drivers – Ready to get better – Race Skills introduction / Time trial Strategy / Video Review / Data Review
  • Instructors will be on track with you – You can follow their line and /or have them capture video of your driving from their vehicle to evaluate your line.
  • Lots of time on track to practice – Five Half-hour sessions with Data and Video Review.
  • Need to be solo certified to participate.

In your car:  $ 600
In an ECR Rental BMW M2 Comp: $ 3,500
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Performance Driving Day Guide for New Drivers

What is Eagles Canyon Raceway’s Introduction to Performance Driving Day (IPDD)?

You bought that new sports car you have been dreaming about. The car with amazing reviews that makes your car friends jealous. Now, how do you drive it like the magazines tell you it should drive?

Go to the track, and learn how to drive that new dream car properly!

Getting behind the wheel of a high-performance racing car on the race track is nothing short of adrenaline-inducing. We face a lot of laws when it comes to driving safely without scaring your passengers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to drive a performance car safely. ECR’s Introduction to Performance Driving school exists for this purpose, to teach you to understand the road, understand your car and understand your limits while you are driving at high speed.

High-performance cars were built with speed and agility in mind, and your driver education becomes expanded when you are learning to drive a sports car at a reputable Performance Driving school. A road course with the right driving instructors on the race track improves your driver education and your driving skills, making you a better driver all around.

Learning how to drive fast doesn’t mean learning how to drive recklessly. It means learning to drive some of the world’s greatest car models in a way that pushes them to their speed limits and looks fantastic at the same time. Driving around corners has never been more fun than with the right driving school guidance. With the ECR’s Introduction to Performance Driving, you can learn to drive a high-performance vehicle far better than you could have imagined.

In this program you will go through steps beginning with car and track safety, proper driving position, how to correctly brake, and how to negotiate turns effectively. As you progress, you will build upon your car control skills, learn new driving skills like trail braking, Car balance, and maximizing track lap times.   All this is done at one of the finest Road Course facilities in America in your own car. We even feed you a great lunch!