When do I need to be at the track?
Saturday morning, the gates open at 6:30 AM, Event Sign-In 7:00 AM The Mandatory Drivers Meeting begins at 7:45 AM

Can I share my car with a partner?
Eagles Canyon Open Track Days are a performance driving school designed for one driver per registration 2 drivers are not allowed on one registration. You may possibly share a car, but with our schedule, it is very difficult, and we recommend against this practice for your safety and your car’s longevity.

Am I allowed to have guests at the track?
Yes, you are welcome to invite guests, friends and family out to the track. They are welcome, as long as they sign the track insurance waiver. Covid 19 rules have changed this rule – No guests are allowed at the track until further notice. Only registered drivers are allowed on site. All others will be asked to leave.

What should I bring to the track?
For the car: Extra engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid…a tire gauge…a torque wrench for wheel lug bolts or nuts. Window cleaner and paper towels.

For You: A helmet that meets the certification requirements, lawn chair, box or bag to store your personal items instead of the car, and a large plastic trash bag to protect your items from the elements.

What NOT to bring to the track?
No alcohol, Firearms or drugs (including antihistamines or other drugs that make you drowsy) may be consumed during the event. Use of these substances will result in immediate ejection from event.

Will there be food available at the track?
Yes, Eagles Canyon has the “Shake and Bake café” concession stand. All registered drivers will also be fed lunch for which ECR has become famous. Covid 19 rules have changed this rule – Attendees for Open Track Days will have lunch included with their registration fee. Please bring additional snacks or drinks as you may wish.

Will fuel and tire services and mechanics be available at the track?
Fuel: yes, ECR has 93, 100 and 110 octane fuel available on site for purchase
Tire Service, Mechanic Shop: yes, Concierge Motorsports has a facility on site. Discount Tire is also located 13 miles away in Decatur TX

NOTE: it’s best that you come prepared if you have special needs in these area’s…

What should I wear while driving?
Mandatory for all drivers to wear a helmets, open face or full face SNELL MA or SA 2010 or newer rated. We recommend you wear long pants and long sleeve shirt, but it is not required. Cotton shirt (T-shirt) and Denim long pants (Jeans). Drivers of race cars with roll cages are required to wear a minimum of single-layer suit.

What if I don’t have a helmet?
No worries, Eagles Canyon does have some available. Covid 19 rules have changed this rule –  Drivers must furnish their own helmets. We cannot loan out helmets until such time as we have an effective sterilization system. If you have your own helmet or would like to buy a new one, they will need to be SNELL SA or MA 2010 (or later) approved to meet our requirements. See the attached Helmet certification document and check your helmet

When does the Tech-Inspection have to be done?
You must have a qualified technician complete a Tech-Inspection on the car within the 30 days preceding the event. At registration, you must present your Tech-Inspection form and a copy of your valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.