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Open Track Day at ECR

Eagles Canyon Track Days. These one-day high performance-driving events will provide the opportunity for enthusiast of all types to enjoy the handling of their cars and bikes to learn the basics of high performance riding and driving. The events will be conducted on the exciting 2.5 mile Eagles Canyon Raceway near Slidell, Texas. Check the schedule for dates for the bikes and cars. We plan to do this once about month.

  • Instructors will be provided.
  • Participants will be divided into groups based on their experience with classifications for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders and drivers. New drivers and riders will be given classroom instruction just before going on the track. New drivers must have a qualified instructor on board at all times when on the track until they are checked out for solo driving. New riders will be instructed by lead follow sessions. Solo normally does not occur at your first event. Passing will be allowed only on the straight portions of the track and only after a signal by the car being passed that it is safe to do so. Instructors are experienced and trained to make your experience a safe and rewarding one.
  • Your car or bike will need to be in track condition. You will need to get a certified technician to look at a few items that are basic to the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • You will need a Snell 2000 or 2005 rated M or SA helmet in good condition, a valid drivers license, long pants, a cotton shirt, and closed toed shoes. Riders will need certified helmets and the necessary leather or cordura suits, gloves, and boots. You will also need to be prepared to be addicted. High performance driving and riding is a blast.
  • The number of drivers/riders will be limited so call Eagles Canyon today at 940-466-9775 or send an e-mail to registration@eaglescanyon.com to reserve your spot in the event.