Driver/Rider / Passenger Track Rules

Eagles Canyon Raceway was created for motorsports enthusiasts – to allow members and their guests to practice their skills, play with their friends, or entertain business associates with a great track experience, at their own pace and on their own schedule.

  • New members: Required to attend a Driver Orientation Seminar. This will allow each new member to learn and understand all the Rules and Regulations provided by the Club and to familiarize each member with the proper driver education
  • Waivers: All drivers and passengers must sign a track release waiver prior to engaging in any track related activities.
  • Track Access: No one is to access the track area until permission is granted by the ECR Grid Marshal. Please contact the track for the time of the first session of the day.
  • Run Groups: Eagles Canyon Raceway personnel or the Grid Marshal will determine the run groups for each day – a list will be available at the clubhouse.
  • Track direction: is “counter-clockwise” (Turn right as you access the track) and at no time is a driver permitted to drive clockwise.
  • Speed limit is 15 mph on all roads and paddocks.

Off track / Dropping of Wheels / Spins

  • Two Wheels off: If a driver drops two (2) wheels off the edge of the track the driver must finish off the lap at a “cool down” pace and return to the pit/paddock area. Grid Marshal, along with driver, will inspect the vehicle for damage and determine if the car is in a condition to return to the track.
  • Four Wheels Off: If a driver drops all four (4) wheels off track and / or spins they are required to safely return to the track surface and continue at a “cool down” pace to the pits / paddock area to meet with Grid Marshal.
  • On Track Spins: For any spins that occur on the track (even if you do not leave the track surface) the driver is required to use caution while remaining aware of other vehicles and return to pits / paddock area to meet with the Grid Marshal.
  • Three times – you’re out: Any driver who drops two (2) or more wheels or spins, three (3) times in any one day will be deemed an “aggressive driver,” and accordingly, will be asked to park their car and will not be allowed to drive for the rest of the day.
  • Mechanical Failures: If a driver has a mechanical failure such as engine problems, oil/transmission/fuel leaks etc. they are required to pull off of track surface in a safe area at their earliest convenience.
  • If you are stuck – stay in your car: If a driver goes off track and is unable to come back onto the track they are to remain in their safety belts. ALWAYS STAY IN THE CAR WITH YOUR SAFETY BELTS SECURED. The only exception to this rule is if you see smoke or believe the is on

Driver Conduct

  • Inspect your vehicle: Start the day with a vehicle inspection to be sure it is in the proper operating condition.
  • Track Access: Never enter the track without the authorization of the Grid Marshal. The Grid Marshal will find an open spot on the track to allow you to enter safely, but you should always be very mindful of oncoming cars when you drive from pit onto the track.
  • Always Warm Up: Each time entering the track the driver should start with a “warm up” lap(s). This will allow time to get a feel for the car and its conditions, i.e. brake pedal pressure, handling characteristics, etc. This time will also allow the driver to build up tire temperatures.
  • Always Cool Down: At the end of each session or the lap prior to exiting the track the driver should start a “cool down” lap. This is for all of the vehicles’ components to cool off as much as possible before being parked in the paddock. It is not good for a vehicle to exit the track with high temperatures. And take a couple of deep breaths to calm down as you come off track so no
  • Signal clearly when exiting track: Each time a driver exits the track for any reason they should signal to all other drivers their intention with their arm clearly out the window (production car,) above the roll bar (race car), or holding their arm up.

Safety Equipment

  • Helmets Required: All drivers and passengers are required to use a Snell approved helmet. SA2000 or later will be permitted. The helmet must have the Eagles Canyon helmet approval sticker before entering the track to drive.
  • Race suits required for Race cars: An SFI rated racing suit is required for all drivers using race cars.
  • Race Suits and flame retardant garments recommended for all drivers: An SFI rated racing suit is recommended for production car drivers. You should wear cotton or nomex undergarments, not polyester based garments.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required: Racing shoes recommended.
  • Roll bars: Open cockpit cars including convertibles must have a roll bar installed.
  • Fire extinguisher is further recommended that all vehicles have a fire extinguisher securely mounted.

 Passing Rules

  • Passing Zones: Passing is permitted in designated areas (see Map) with a point-by from the driver.
  • Point-by: All members are required to monitor their mirrors and as faster cars approach, they are to stay on line and clearly point the passing car by. Please be courteous.
  • Passing car is responsible: is It is the responsibility of the passing car to make a safe and clean pass and the pass must be completed by the entry of the approaching corner.
  • Passing is not allowed in any corners

Guest Rules

  • Guest Policy: Each member is authorized to bring a specific number of guests to the track, pursuant the conditions in the membership agreement.
  • Guest Limit: A maximum of three (3) visits per guest are allowed
  • Members are responsible for guests: for ensuring each of their guests know and understand all Eagles Canyon Raceway general rules and regulations.
  • Authorized Guests will be permitted to drive their own vehicle, or a rental vehicle on the track provided they undergo a check out ride with Eagles Canyon Personnel.

Check-out Rides

  • Prior to driving an owned or rental vehicle for the first time, each Club Member or guest will be required to drive the course with an instructor to ensure they can drive the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner. Future driving or rentals will not require a check-out ride.


  • Private instruction: by qualified ECR instructors is available to all members and their guests. Members will receive a discount and ECR will assist and contribute to the instruction until Members are proficient to drive solo. Please see the main office to schedule your private one-on-one lesson. The costs are subject to level and change.
  • Open Track Day Instruction: Instruction during open track days is available to members free of charge, and is a great opportunity to spend time on track with other drivers and cars at similar proficiency levels.
  • Racing: For those interested in pursuing racing – ECR will recommend advanced technical instruction.