T 1 has a slight downhill brake zone – brake early; release the break gently as you turn in.

There is lots of grip on apex but you need continued steering input to get there – it is over 90o.

Quickly shift your vision to the Apex and track-out of T 2; visualize an arc to get there.

The 1-2 combination is about smooth but fast left to right weight transfer – so think ahead.

The Beginning of 3 is blind, and then off camber (meaning slopes away from you, so not a lot of grip). Pick a braking point, and plan your turn in by spotting the curbing on the left.

3 should feel like a continuous, long turn. Practice shifting your vision early – keep scanning left

The transition from 3-4 should be a smooth weight transfer as you start to go downhill

Plan on slowing down (breathe throttle, slight brake) after the track-out of T3 so you can maintain some throttle through the apex of 4. Its Downhill so you will feel the car get lighter.

Straighten out your car before braking for 5. Quick strong brake, then release the brake gently and let the hill help slow the car down. Look uphill to the 5 Apex early, and when the car has rotated start to apply throttle. Then squeeze to full throttle and use the whole track out.

6 is downhill braking zone, at very high speed.

Brake early, immediately look for the Apex– and get there. Don’t let the cows distract you !

Keep moving your vision to the second apex and track-out: look left.

It’s one continuous turn – so keep steering input; slight bump on track out, plan for it.

Get confidently back to throttle when you see you will make the second apex – slide out to track- out curbing. Exit speed is important because you have a long back straight to go.

The approach to T 7 is the highest speed section of the track and hardest braking on the track.

Learn to use the brake markers to help you plan this turn – for braking and turn in.

The inside of the turn has much more camber (more grip), so turning in early can help.

Stay close to the left edge of the track after Apex, and force yourself to stay there for a car length before turning into 8.

Be smooth and use some maintenance throttle to prevent the back-end getting light as you turn towards T 8 apex (it is downhill and off camber). Be patient, slow it down if you have to, and get used to applying throttle going into the turn and adding throttle all the way to the track-out.

Downhill Brake zone – first Apex sets up the entire, long arc through the exit of 9.

Staying on the brake a little (trailing) keeps your nose down and grip on the front tires.

Look far left and visualize a long arc. The bottom of the hill gives you compression and lots of grip; track-out all the way to the curbing after the second apex.

Come back to mid-track and look way up the hill; your apex is at what looks like the top.

It’s a blind track out (where the actual top of the hill is) so you will need to memorize when you can go back to full throttle.

Pick a brake marker – Brake hard and shift your vision to the first Apex; get there.

Keep steering input in the wheel – your car needs to stay loaded all the way around.

Look left towards the track-out as soon as you make your first apex.

Be patient to let the car rotate, when you see the second apex, smooth but aggressive throttle application (its ok to go a hair wide of the apex) will get you to Start/Finish in a hurry!!