David’s vast experience in dealing with high-ranking people in governments and different countries during his time at his wn business, has given him the knowledge to write this series of books. He has always had faith and belief in the amazing universe we live in. In his travels all over the world, he’s been able to capture thoughts about other cultures. His working years allowed him, to make notes. He has used those experiences, to apply to this all-encompassing set of books he has written, and will write. It is David’s hope that his work will provoke the reader to thought. He would like the reader to come away with a positive experience, and maybe a different way of seeing things


David Francis was born and educated in England. He was raised by a long line of entrepreneurs that date back before 1890. In 1917 his Grandfather started in the Aerospace Industry and today his brother still runs the family business. In 1967 David, immigrated to the United States. At the age of twenty-three, he had completed his apprenticeship in machining and gained certificates for workshop processes and mechanical engineering, from Guildford Technical College in England. He started his own business in 1982, after having worked for major aerospace manufacturers to gain experience within the Industry.

In November of 2003 he sold his business, which became the largest wing forming company in the world, to a Belgian consortium.